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Services : Property Management


Property is one of those “rare commodities” that needs conscious evaluation and care. Property is one of most important assets class of our investment and we need to take care of our investments. If we do not take right decisions at the right time then we lose opportunity to make the maximum out of our property. To get the best value out of our property, we have to keep it in top condition with all the documents.

“Property Plus” manages all types of properties. We listen to our owners and their goals then we develop business plans and make the decisions that help them reach their goals. Working with owners we find innovative ways to control costs while increasing property value and maintaining the levels in client satisfaction and comfort.

“Property Plus” gives each property individualized attention during every phase of our property management.


Management Services:

  1. Keeping all the documents ready for the property.

  2. Regular on site inspection, supervision and evaluation of Properties.

  3. Renovations / Repairs / improvements of properties.

  4. overseeing all insurances.

  5. Recommended retention of adequate fire, extended coverage and liabilities and all types of insurances.

  6. Overall property security.

  7. Take care of different types of property taxes.

  8. Leasing / Marketing and Advertising Programs.

  9. Budget Projections.

  10. Collections.

  11. Complete Financial Reporting.

  12. Continue Lease Renewals.

  13. Employ and supervise all on-site employees and Contractors.

  14. Payment of Operating expenses and debt services.

  15. Emergency response - 7 days a week.




Property Plus strives to provide the most Professional, effective, accurate and efficient property management services available.
We have a companywide commitment to maximize the long term profitability for our owners while maintaining quality housing for all our clients / Tenants.
Property Plus Property management and our team of professional property managers provides full service Property management services and property management leasing services to Property Owners.

Commercial/Residential Property Services:

  1. Maintain all the documents for each property..

  2. Regular on site inspection, supervision and evaluation of Properties..

  3. Renovations / Repairs / improvements of properties..

  4. Overseeing all insurances.

  5. Recommended retention of adequate fire, extended coverage and liabilities and all types of insurances..

  6. Overall property security..

  7. Take care of different types of property taxes..

  8. Leasing / Marketing and advertising Programs..

  9. Budget Projections..

  10. Collections..

  11. Complete Financial Reporting..

  12. Continue Lease Renewals..

  13. Employ and supervise all on-site employees and Contractors..

  14. Payment of Operating expenses and debt services..

  15. Emergency response - 7 days a week..




Our aggressive leasing team is knowledgeable of local market conditions and utilizes those conditions to attract and pursue qualified prospects. In addition to highly visible internet listing, we produce customized leasing brochures and ads for properties in - house. We pride ourselves on our quick. Response to inquiries and through follow ups with all prospects.

Commercial leasing services:

  1. Determine Market Rates..

  2. Implement Aggressive Marketing Program..

  3. Negotiate and Prepare the lease Document..

  4. Follow-up and Update Tenant Prospect List..

  5. Oversee Leasehold Improvements..




“Property Plus” multifamily division provides management and leasing services for a wide array of multifamily properties. Utilizing the results of extensive market analysis, the property team positions each property correctly in its market and sub market and develops aggressive marketing campaigns as well as effective resident retention programs. Time and again, our occupancy levels and rental rates outperform the market. We are known for taking underperforming properties and turning them around. By devising capital improvement and marketing plans, we can move successful properties into even more profitable categories. Our hands-on approach expedites the lease-up process by minimizing make-ready time and maximized income for investors.




Whether performing a minor face-lift or a major transformation of property, Property Plus can take care of all renovation needs from start to finish. We are experienced at helping customers generate a better return on their investments by directing their renovation rupees where they will have the greatest impact on income stream and property value. Our seasoned construction experts interact with architecture and engineering firms, handle permitting, zoning and community issues, carefully implement and manage construction plans, schedules and costs.




Today, many corporations and government agencies are looking to outsource the management and leasing of their corporate or government owned properties. Our experienced professional property managers can assume building management duties including reconfiguring office space, Overseeing build-outs, maintaining HVAC equipment, and supervising security, janitorial landscaping and other services. By outsourcing these functions to our management professionals, companies and agencies can redirect their resources to address their core business functions.


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